Soffit board

Soffit board - wooden soffit

Soffit boards differ from upholstery boards primarily by the fact that they are thinner. They are not used for cladding surfaces that are most vulnerable to harsh weather conditions like exterior walls or stairs.  

The main task of the soffit board is to finish the underside of roof eaves in order to cover, not necessarily good-looking, elements of the rafter framing. Many customers, when choosing the so-called soffit, pay attention primarily to aesthetic qualities. Equally important is the method of installation (parallel to rafters or perpendicular to the wall), as it determines the dimensions of the flat board.

Soffit boards Fallklandy Zagórz

Our boards are made of high-grade coniferous wood. The standard dimensions are x/x. Of course, we also manufacture upholstery boards per specifications submitted by the customer. 

Soffit boards will work well, in addition to their main purpose as a finish for the interior walls of a building, also called panelling. 

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