Rafter framing

Rafter framing Fallklandy Zagórz

The coping of any house is the roof. It is the roof that supports the weight of winter snow, it is where torrents of autumn rains run down and the heat of the summer sun pours down. To shield us in the harshest conditions for many years, its construction must be well made. 

We manufacture all the wooden rafter framing components from trusses, to square timber, to the smallest soffit boards.  

We offer fresh, dried, planed and treated rafter framing, each made from high-quality coniferous material.  

Off-the-shelf rafters, battens and square timber are available in sizes (poprosić klienta o wskazanie standardowych seryjnie wykonywanych elementów): 

  • Rafters  
  • Battens 
  • Square timber  

All rafter framing elements are also available to order under specific parameters indicated by the customer.  

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